Eleeo is a Greek word that means "mercy in action." 

Eleeo Ministries is a supportive ministry of love, healing, help, and discipleship. Our primary concern is for reconciliation and restoration of the individual and family to a state of physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness. This is possible because of the grace of God, which in His unlimited love and mercy, is expressed in the gift of His Son, our Savior. It is unconditional! Therefore, we do not carry the burden of past failures; we go on in hope and faith, having experienced His healing power. We have the blessed assurance that because of His Son, Jesus Christ, and what He did for us, all that believe in Him are forgiven.

In Eleeo, we place strong emphasis upon the relationship of the 12-Steps of Recovery to the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-12). The "progressive" nature of the Beatitudes is much the same format as the progressive nature of the 12-Step Program.

Dear Friends of Eleeo!

On Sunday, January 17th at 4:00pm, our dear friend and fellow in recovery Pastor Bill Elam was called home to be with our LORD. His wife Pat says “Bill has all the answers now.” Bill has no further need of recovery meetings. He is now a part of “recovered meetings” where he and all of those who have gone before us gather with our Father GOD and our Savior Jesus to celebrate recoveredness (this is a real word in heaven. I am sure of it :) ). The work that the Lord has done through Pastor Bill will not be forgotten. The recovering who now have life because of his faithfulness, will grow, love and share their hope with others. Their families will no longer live under the dark cloud of a generational curse. The seeds of the Lord’s work through Bill will continue to grow, blossom, sprout new seed and grow again and again. Eleeo Chapel Ministries continues to deliver the good news of “Recovery Gods Way! Our Calvary Church meetings now meet on Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm – 8:30pm and now offer full and FREE childcare services. We are confident that the Lord will continue to use Eleeo to spread the good news of Beatitude-based Recovery. Come celebrate the life of Pastor Bill friends!